How to Ankle Break In NBA 2K20

Ankle breakers give you an advantage on the court. Are you ready to show off your expertise in the game? Yeah, get ready to break some ankles and leave your opponents stunned by your epic performance! Ankle breakers in this game aren’t just about scoring points but they’re about showing off your skills and having fun. In this article, to become the best at ankle breaking, you need the right badges, animations, and techniques. Here’s everything you’ll get to become perfect ankle break in NBA 2K20. We’re going to share all the secrets on badges, animations, and moves that’ll make you unstoppable.

Ankle Break In NBA 2K20

Essential Tips for Ankle Breakers

The Ankle Breaker Badge

The Ankle Breaker badge in NBA 2K20 APK is key for performing ankle-breaking moves. This badge increases your chances of stunning or dropping defenders when you dribble. Here’s how to make it most effective:

  • Upgrade to Hall of Fame: This is the highest level and greatly increases your chances of breaking ankles.
  • Use Complementary Badges: Enhance your dribbling with badges like Handles For Days, Quick First Step, Space Creator, Tight Handles, and Unpluckable. These badges help you keep your stamina, speed, and control during dribble moves.

Player Build and Attributes

Your player build is crucial for executing Dribble moves in NBA 2k20 effectively. Make sure your player has:

  • Position: Guards are best for ankle breakers because of their agility and ball-handling skills.
  • Ball Handling: At least a 70 rating in ball handling.
  • Speed: Faster players execute quicker and more effective moves.

Invest in Virtual Currency (VC)

Use VC to unlock and upgrade the necessary animations and attributes. This investment will improve your player’s performance on the court.

Best Animations for Ankle Breakers

Equip your player with the best dribble animations to pull off ankle-breaking moves:

  • Dribble Style: Quick
  • Size-Up Package: Steph Curry
  • Moving Crossover: Pro 5
  • Moving Spin: Basic 1
  • Moving Hesitation: Pro 5
  • Triple Threat Style: WNBA 1
  • These animations provide speed, control, and unpredictability, making it easier to leave defenders behind.

Tips and Tricks For Ankle Break In NBA 2K20

Practice Regularly

Practice in MyCareer and The Park to master the timing and execution of ankle breakers. Experiment with different moves to find what works best for you.

Use Stepbacks and Combos

The Ankle Breaker badge works best with stepbacks and certain moves. Incorporate these into your gameplay:

  • Stepbacks: Create space and often make defenders stumble or fall.
  • Combo Moves: Chain together size-ups, crossovers, spins, and hesitations to keep defenders guessing.

Understand Your Defender

Knowing what your defender usually does and where they struggle can be a big help. It’s like knowing their game plan before they even start playing! So, if you know where they have trouble and what they often do, you can use that to beat them and win the game. It’s all about being smarter on the court!. If they overcommit or are slower, use quick moves to exploit these weaknesses.

Top Ankle Breaker Moments in NBA 2K20

To see these tips in action, watch some of the best ankle breaker highlights:

  • Chris Smoove: Known for his amazing moves that drop defenders.
  • Top 10 Ankle Breakers: Videos showcasing incredible dribble plays and crossovers.

Example Highlights

Mobile 2K Ankle Breaker: A player breaks ankles on the mobile version, showing these moves work across platforms.
Ben Simmons Cross: Watch Ben Simmons get crossed, proving even top players can fall victim to ankle breakers.
Double Ankle Breaker: Chris Smoove makes an incredible move, leaving two defenders behind before sinking a shot effortlessly.

Final Verdict On Ankle Breaker

Want to do that in NBA 2K20? You can! Just follow the tips in this guide and practice regularly. Before you know it, you’ll be breaking ankles like a pro and leave your opponents stunned. It’s time to boost your game! Make sure to the right badges, perfect your dribble animations, and step onto the court with confidence. Get ready to leave your opponents completely amazed.

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