How to Mastering Dunk in NBA 2K20?

You picked up NBA 2K20 not to watch game characters do fancy moves but to slam dunk your way to victory. Just imagine dunking on today’s NBA and WNBA stars. And it doesn’t end there. You can even dunk on legendary players who haven’t played for years. Before you start dunking on everyone, you have to learn the art of shooting. Our NBA 2K20 shooting guide helps you without skipping steps. It’s all about the basic steps to take jump into dunking is like basketball training for success. Once you’ve got shooting down, it’s time for the best part – crazy dunks.


Understanding Dunking Abilities in NBA 2K20

Each player has different abilities and skills, including dunking. While some players are great at dunking and can defeat with ease, others may struggle to make impressive dunks. Before you start playing, it’s essential to understand your player’s stats, including their dunking ability. This information helps you make strategic decisions during the game. This knowledge will help you make strategic plays during the game.

In NBA 2K20, there are two types of dunks – some happen randomly, and some you can choose.
Absolutely! If you’re love to showcase some awesome moves in NBA 2K20, here are the basic commands to execute those slam dunks: Find helpful our Best Dribble Moves Guide in NBA 2K20.

Random Dunk:

  • On PS4, press ‘X’ near the hoop.
  • On Xbox One, press ‘A’ near the hoop.

Specific Dunk in NBA

For more controlled, specific dunks, you’ll need to use combinations of controller buttons. These combinations can vary based on your player’s skills and position on the court. Generally, the right stick and a combination of trigger or bumper buttons are involved. Feel free to experiment with different combinations to discover the coolest dunks your player can perform. Now, get ready to slam dunk like a pro and dominate the court in NBA 2K20! Enjoy the game

Different types of dunk in NBA 2K20?

Let’s talk about dunking which is like the superstar move in the game. It’s like being a superstar on the court, making you feel unstoppable. Whether you’re playing on PS4, Xbox One, dunking adds a value to the game that’s hard to beat. It’s all about timing and skill, so practice your moves. There are cool types of dunks, each with its own style.

Two-Hand Dunk:

In this basic dunk in NBA, players jump up and throw the ball through the hoop using both hands. Just run towards the basket and press the right thumbstick up. It’s a powerful move in basketball.

Flashy Dunk:

If you’re looking to add some flair to your dunk, try a flashy one. While sprinting towards the hoop, maintain your sprint by holding down the sprint button. Then, to initiate the flashy dunk, push the right thumbstick downward.

Dominant or Off-Hand Dunk:

To dunk with either hand, you’ve got options: your strong hand or the other one. Here’s the way: Dunk with your best hand or the other hand. Hold sprint and push the thumbstick left or right for the strong hand. For the other hand, push it the other way. Give different dunk moves a shot, enjoy yourself, and see which one feels right for you.

Scoring points is more than just putting numbers on the board; it’s about making a statement. Experiment with different types of dunks to find your favorite style!

How do I perform a dunk in NBA 2K20?

Unlock the secrets of dunk in NBA 2K20 with our comprehensive shooting guide. Learn the fundamentals step by step to dominate the court and execute crazy dunks on both current and legendary players. Dunking in NBA is about adding that extra bit of excitement and flair to your gameplay. Here’s how you can throw down some impressive dunks in simple steps:

Pick Your Dunk: Push the right thumbstick in the direction you want to dunk – Two-Hand Dunk: Push the thumbstick up. Dominant or Off-Hand Dunk: Push the thumbstick left or right for your preferred hand. Flashy Dunk: Push the thumbstick down for a stylish finish.

Time to Dunk: Get ready to dunk when you’re close to the basket. Press and hold the shoot button. On Xbox, it’s the Right Trigger (RT), and on PlayStation, it’s R2. Now you’re all set to rule the court with those awesome dunks!

Timing Matters: Dunking is all about timing. Nail the Timing: Timing is key! Make sure you dunk at just the right moment to avoid getting blocked.

Get Close to the Hoop – Stand near the basket to set up your dunk. You’ll want to position yourself perfectly for a strong move. You’ve got it!

Upgrade Your Player: Want to dunk even better? Consider boosting your player’s dunking stats or trying out different dunk packages.

Start Sprinting – Hold down the sprint button (that’s R2 on PlayStation or RT on Xbox). This gets you into position for the dunk.

Choose the Right Player – Not all players dunk the same. Pick a player with good dunking skills for those epic slams.

Pro Tips for Control Moves in NBA 2K20!

No Need to Watch the Meter: Forget about the Shot Meter when you’re aiming for a dunk in NBA 2K20. Unlike shooting, you won’t see it pop up. Why? Because if you’ve got your approach right, the dunk’s pretty much a sure thing. But, mistime it or slow down, and you might see that Meter, ending up with a layup instead. Here’s 2K20 Player Ratings all time stats and how well they perform in basketball history .

Unlock More Dunk Moves: If you earn Virtual Currency (VC), you can unlock additional dunk moves in the MyPLAYER Lab. So, the more you play and earn, the cooler your dunks can become!

Boosting Dunk Success: Want to slam dunk more often? It’s all about Boost your player’s skills or toss the ball to a dunking champ on your team. That’s the key to nailing those electrifying dunks!”

Controls for dunking on different platforms in NBA 2K20?

And here are the button inputs for each console:

  • PS4: Hold R2 and press Square or use the Right Stick.
  • Switch: Hold ZR and press Y or use the Right Stick.
  • Xbox One: Hold RT and press X or use the Right Stick.
  • Remember these controls, and you’ll be throwing down thunderous dunks in no time!

Customizing MyPlayer’s Dunks and Layups in NBA 2K20:

A Step-by-Step Guide:

Access the MyPlayer Animations Menu:

Go to the options screen and select the MyPLAYER Appearance tab. Then, navigate to the My Animations menu.

Change Your Dunks and Layups:

In the My Animations screen, you’ll find various options. Look for Dunks and Layups, usually the third or fourth option. This is where you can adjust them. Customize both your NBA-assigned and Park dunks and layups. Choose the type you want to change and select a new move. After activation, you can use these moves in NBA games and in the Park.

Note: When you initially try to change your dunks and layups, your inventory will be empty. You must buy new moves from the Animations Store, located to the right of the My Animations tab on the MyPlayer screen.

Not all players are equally skilled at dunking in the game. The success of your dunk in NBA 2K20 attempt depends on the dunking stats of the player you’re controlling. Higher stats increase the likelihood of successful dunks.

Yes, standing dunks trigger near the hoop and have specific requirements. For standing dunks, use Turbo+RS Down on standard controls. Driving dunks require sprinting towards the basket and using the specified controls.

One-foot launches trigger further away, providing a hang time feel to a dunk. Two-foot launches trigger closer in, offering a power feel. Both launch types are situational, with one foot for longer distances and two feet for closer dunks. Equip both types for versatility.

Final Verdict On NBA Dunk

When you try to dunk, the game looks at what kind of dunk you’re attempting and where you are on the court. So, not every dunk will work out because it depends on things like how good your player is at dunking and how much the other team is pressuring you. Then, it analyzes your equipped dunk packages and selects the most suitable one, and the dunking process is same as NBA 2K20 Latest Version . For instance, if you have Straight Arm Tomahawks and Michael Jordan dunk packages, it picks the higher one. One-foot launches happen from a distance and feel like floating in the air, while two-foot launches are closer and more powerful. Therefore, choose wisely based on the situation to achieve the best dunk animations and avoid unwanted layups.

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