NBA 2K20 VC Guide – How to Earn Fast VC, Easy Rating Tips

Every NBA 2K20 lover wants to earn some virtual currency (VC). Some players might find it challenging to earn VC. The good part is, you earn VC just by playing the game! You can use VC to make your player better and get cool stuff. You dribble, shoot, and pass well to earn more VC. But be careful with VC gambling. It’s risky and you could lose your VC. So, it’s better to play smart and use strategies like the Pick-And-Roll to earn VC without risking too much. Remember, VC makes your game more fun without spending real money!

 How to earn Fast VC in NBA2K20

MyCareer: Easy VC and Rating Tips

If you’re just starting out and want to earn more VC and improve your overall rating in MyCareer, here’s an easy way to do it.

  • Play key career games on Hall of Fame difficulty with 5-minute quarters. 
  • Simulate these games in the arena locker room, and during play, focus on throwing pick-and-roll alley-oops to your teammates on offense.

This strategy not only earns you extra VC through key game bonuses but also racks up a lot of MyPoints – around 1200 VC and 35,000 MyPoints per game. It’s a fast and effective way to boost your player’s skill if you’re new to NBA 2K and looking to level up your VC and overall rating in MyCareer, here’s an easy method. Check out the best methods to earn VC in NBA 2K20 and level up your character for scoring success and a stylish appearance! Read our guide to the Top 3 Jump Shots in NBA 2K20.

Top 5 Ways to Score VC in NBA 2K20

As the cost of everything rises in NBA 2K, if you’re looking to boost your VC without spending real money, here are the top 5 methods to help you earn VC in NBA 2K20. 

Battle Pass Boost

Consider buying the battle pass for better value compared to purchasing VC outright. It includes cool cosmetics, players, and rewards for MyTeam. With 2x experience tokens, you can level up faster, and completing the pass can earn you up to 60K VC. Two tiers are available at $9.99 and $19.99. 

Daily Pick ‘Em at the Beach: 

Visit the beach in the city and locate the Daily Pick ‘Em machines by the footpath. Predict daily NBA game winners to earn VC and additional rewards. Earn 100-200 VC per pick, making the most of days with numerous NBA games. It’s a simple way to boost your VC every time you log in.

Try Your Luck in the Daily Spin

Spin for daily rewards at the beach entrance, including VC. Near the beach entrance, talk to the reps for Rise and Elite, and spin the wheel posts daily for rewards based on your affiliation. One of the rewards is VC, making it a quick and easy way to grab some extra cash every day. 

Mission Check:

Regularly check available missions in the Main, Side, and Season categories to earn VC. Numerous missions offer easy VC, and some are even available daily. Keep an eye on these opportunities for a straightforward way to boost your VC. 

MyTeam challenges

Additionally, you can earn VC by completing MyTeam challenges, selling players on the auction house, and participating in special events. With these methods, you can easily earn VC without spending real money and enhance your NBA 2K20 experience.

Efficient MyCareer VC Method: 

For those not willing to spend money on VC, here’s a quick and efficient way of how to earn fast VC in MyCareer:

Optimized VC: With standard salary and a good Teammate grade, you can earn 900-1000 VC per game in half the time. Salary Upgrade: As you progress, expect a better salary offer in the second season (e.g.850 VC). 

Game Settings: Play for 5-minute quarters. Choose a difficulty level (Semi-Pro or Rookie) where you can be up by 25pts in the 3rd Quarter.

Time Efficiency: The game should last around 15 minutes if you skip everything, providing a more time-efficient VC earning method.

Game Strategy: Play regular games, not key games. Achieve a Teammate grade between A- and A+ and maintain a standard salary. 

Season Rush: Rush through the first season, winning the finals if possible, to secure a better salary offer. 

This method aims to maximize VC earnings within a shorter game time for those looking to avoid spending real money on VC. If you have better strategies, feel free to share!

How To Maximize VC Without Spending Money: 

In-Game Methods:

Complete missions for VC rewards. Check for daily missions regularly. 

Adjust settings for VC goals.

Remember VC’s real-world value and use these strategies to boost earnings without spending real money. VC prices may vary by location and retailer. 

Starting VC in NBA 2K20:

When you buy NBA 2K20, your version may include initial VC. For instance, the Black Mamba Edition provides 100,000 VC, offering a solid starting point. Additionally: Seasonal Discounts: 2K Sports may periodically reduce VC bundle prices during the season. Keep Watch: Stay alert for any discounts or savings on VC bundles as they may occur. This ensures a decent initial VC boost and the possibility of discounted VC bundles throughout the season.

How to Earn Fast VC With Glitches Free & Without MyCareer Focus??

Prioritize MyCareer mode for VC earnings. While active VC glitches are scarce, utilize these in-game methods for substantial VC gains: 

  • Smart In-Game Choices: Make strategic choices in MyCareer to maximize VC.
  • Daily Objectives: Complete daily objectives for additional VC.
  • Endorsements and Events: Secure endorsements and participate in events for extra VC.
  • Simulate Smartly: Simulate MyCareer games strategically to earn VC efficiently. Utilize these strategies to earn VC without relying heavily on microtransactions, unlocking the full potential of NBA 2K20.
  • Endorsement Deals: Maximize Endorsements for significant VC boosts. Set contracts to 10,000 VC per Event Appearance with optimal Incentives. Adjust Incentives based on your player’s strengths. Regularly check in with events to claim VC rewards.
  • Maximizing Daily Bonuses: Daily Bonuses present easy opportunities for substantial VC gains. Follow these steps: Regular Check-ins: Open your navigation regularly to stay updated on available Daily Bonuses. 
  • Simple Tasks, Big Rewards: Complete straightforward tasks, such as hitting limitless-range threes, to earn significant VC payouts. By consistently engaging with Daily Bonuses, you can effortlessly boost your VC earnings in NBA 2K20.

Optimizing Difficulty and Time for VC: 

To maximize VC earnings in NBA 2K20, consider these strategies:

  • Higher Difficulty: Play on higher difficulty levels, such as Hall of Fame, for increased VC rewards.
  • Extended Playtime: Play longer quarters or additional games to accumulate more VC.

By combining increased difficulty and extended playtime, you can efficiently boost your VC earnings in NBA 2K20.

Tips to Maximize rewards by following these: 

Play Your Role: Focus on fulfilling your player’s role, whether it’s defending, ball handling, or scoring. Meeting expectations yields VC rewards.

Rebound Contributions: Secure rebounds, pass effectively, and contribute to your team’s scoring to earn substantial VC rewards.

Effective Pick and Roll: Utilize the Pick and Roll efficiently to accumulate VC.

Screen Setting: Set screens before scoring to enhance your VC earnings.


Pros: Ante Up provides a fast-track method for doubling or tripling VC balances through successful games.

Cons: The mode involves high stakes, posing a risk of substantial VC deductions in case of losses.

To earn more VC in NBA 2K20, you can simulate MyLeague seasons and play a bit at the end for a small VC reward. Install the MyNBA2K20 app for daily bonuses by logging in and get extra VC by playing games on the app. If you’re a skilled player, try The Stage Ante for bigger VC rewards, but be careful, as losing can also mean losing a significant amount of VC

Maximize VC in NBA 2K20 by strategically navigating MyCareer choices, completing daily objectives, securing endorsements, and participating in events. Efficiently simulate games, use strategic endorsements for significant VC boosts, and daily bonuses for effortless VC gains.

Final Verdict ON VC

In conclusion, earning VC in NBA 2K20 APK is important for making your player better and having fun in the game. Be smart, do tasks, and try different modes like Ante Up carefully to earn more VC without spending real money. Use these tricks to get more virtual money and enjoy playing NBA 2K20!

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