Best NBA 2K20 Badges for Finishing, Shooting, Playmaking & Defense

To be the best in NBA 2K20 having, badges help you play better by giving you extra abilities. Unlocking badges works differently this year, and there are four categories: shooting, finishing, playmaking, and defense.

NBA 2k20 Badges Guide

To reach Legendary status in NBA 2K20, you’ll need the best badges for your MyPlayer. Upgrading your player in specific skills lets you adjust which badges to use. This year, you can easily switch badges whenever you level up or max out a category. Choose your badges carefully as they significantly impact your performance. Learn more from our guide to the NBA 2K20 Evolution Cards and Requirements.

The types of available badges in NBA 2k20

  • Finishing Badge
  • Shooting Badge
  • Playmaking Badge
  • Defense Badge

New Badges Update

Here are the new badges and updates to old ones and keep in mind the list of badges will keep changing as we learn more.

Best Finishing Badges

It’s good to aim for at least a Silver badge level for each one. But if your player is built for it, try to get the best level, Hall of Fame provides you a way to optimize player performance.

Top 5 Finishing Badges

Here are the top five finishing badges that work well for a player focused on finishing around the rim, making layups, and avoiding contact:

Contact Finisher helps slashers who prefer layups and dunkers to perform better in traffic. It improves their ability to convert tough layups and dunks, making it easier to score instead of facing contact from defenders. Whether you prefer layups or dunks, this badge is essential for dealing with contact near the rim.

Giant Slayer improves your chances of making layups when facing taller defenders and reduces the chance of your shot getting blocked. It makes layups more effective against taller opponents by boosting your shot percentage and helping you avoid blocks.

Slithery Finisher improves a player’s ability to avoid contact when driving to the basket, making it easier to navigate around defenders and finish layups smoothly.

Acrobat badge is really important if you’re into layups because it helps a lot with tricky moves, making it easier to score tough shots near the hoop.

Fancy Footwork helps players beat defenders with tricky moves like euro steps and spins, making it easier to score close to the basket. It also helps avoid contact when driving, which is important for staying efficient on offense.

List of Finishing Badges

Relentless Finisher is a badge that helps players handle a lot of contact when attacking the rim, reducing the energy lost during contact shots. It also reduces fatigue from repeatedly finishing at the rim with contact. This badge is important for maintaining strength and keeping other badges effective, especially when players expect to face a lot of physical play near the basket.

Showtime is a badge in NBA games that provides an extra boost to a player’s takeover meter and their teammates’ meters when the player completes an “and-1” (scoring while being fouled) or a flashy dunk. This badge not only benefits the individual player but also boosts the overall team’s takeover meters, encouraging flashy and impactful plays.

Backdown Punisher boosts a player’s capacity to gain position against defenders, simplifying the process of backing them down and generating scoring chances near the basket It enhances a player’s ability to establish position against defenders, making it easier to back them down and create scoring opportunities close to the basket.

Drop stepper is an important badge for players in the post. It helps them perform moves like dropsteps and hop steps better, making it easier to score near the basket. With this badge, players can create space and protect the ball while making post moves, leading to more successful scoring opportunities.

Pick and Roller badge in NBA 2K20 games boosts players’ abilities in pick-and-roll plays. It enhances their skills in setting effective screens and rolling towards the basket, which increases their chances of scoring points or assisting teammates. Plus, it boosts their shot percentage when they try to score right after rolling off a pick, making it easier to score from this play.

Tear Dropper is a badge that boosts a player’s ability to make floaters and runners in NBA 2K games. It improves their accuracy with these shots, making them more likely to go in. This badge is great for players who use finesse and touch around the basket, helping them score more effectively with these types of shot.

Pro Touch is a badge in NBA 2K games that provides an extra shot boost for layups when the timing of the shot is slightly early, slightly late, or excellent. This badge rewards players for having good timing on their layup attempts, increasing their chances of scoring even when their shot release is not perfect.

Consistent Finisher is a helpful badge in NBA 2K games that reduces the penalties for mistimed layups, allowing players to make layups more consistently, even if their timing is off. This badge boosts scoring efficiency near the basket by helping players convert layup attempts more reliably.

Cross-Key Scorer is great for players who like to drive to the basket. It helps them make running hooks, layups, or pull-ups close to the paint. This badge boosts their layup accuracy when moving across the paint, making it easier to score, especially when facing defenders.

Fastbreak Finisher boosts a player’s Takeover meter when they dunk on a fastbreak, while Slithery Finisher helps players avoid contact when finishing close to the rim. These badges work together to improve scoring efficiency in different situations.

Putback Boss is a badge in NBA 2K games that helps players score after grabbing an offensive rebound. It boosts their shot attributes when attempting a putback layup or dunk, increasing their chances of scoring on second-chance opportunities.

Deep Hooks is a badge that helps players score hook shots from far away in NBA 2K games. It reduces the penalty for shooting hooks from a distance, making these shots more accurate. With this badge, players can score more consistently.

Lob City Finisher is a badge in NBA 2K games that helps players catch and score alley-oop passes better. It boosts the chances of successfully making alley-oop dunks or layups, but the shot has to be taken before the receiver lands.

Best Shooting Badges

In NBA 2K20, shooting is crucial for winning games, requiring accuracy and timing.

Top 5 Shooting Badges

The top five shooting badges help players score points more easily and unlock rewards in the game. With practice and the right badges, you can become a scoring powerhouse and lead your team to victory.

Deadeye helps you score when facing tough defense by reducing the penalty for contested shots, whether you’re shooting from mid-range or beyond the arc. Catch and Shoot gives you a big boost in shooting right after catching a pass, perfect for players who like to shoot quickly.

Green Machine is a significant badge for players looking to excel in shooting. It provides a bonus whenever a player hits perfect shots. The badge activates after hitting two excellent releases, and with each excellent release, the player’s shooting ability receives a further boost.

Flexible Release is a helpful badge in NBA 2K20 for improving shooting, especially if you don’t always release the ball at the perfect moment. So, if you struggle with getting your timing just right, Flexible Release can make shooting a bit easier for you.

Difficult Shots is handy for players who enjoy making tricky shots, boosting your ability to score off the dribble and when moving. It ensures you can make those tough shots more often, even in challenging situations.

Quick Draw is a must-have badge for shooting faster in NBA 2K20, crucial for guards looking to improve their jump shots and dribble pull-ups.

List of Shooting Badges

Corner Specialist makes shooting easier when you’re in the corners of the court. When players have this badge, they’re really good at making shots from those spots. These shots are as important as Dribble moves in NBA 2K20 because they’re often easier to make. Having the Corner Specialist badge can really help the team score more points.

Ice in Veins helps you make more free throws in critical moments, improving your shooting when the pressure is high. Hot Zone Hunter boosts your shot percentage in your favorite spots on the court, ensuring you can score more consistently from your hot zones.

Deep Fades make it easier to hit fadeaway shots from a distance, reducing the penalty for shooting from far away. Hot Start boosts your shooting after making your first shot in the game, helping you get a strong start and build momentum for your team.

Clutch Shooter makes you better at shooting during important moments like the final minutes of a close game. It gives you a big boost when the pressure is high and helps you make shots when it’s important, making you a reliable scorer.

Pump Fake Maestro makes pump fakes more effective by reducing the penalty for shooting after a pump fake, helping you trick defenders and get open shots easier.

Slippery Off-Ball helps you move effectively without the ball, especially when trying to get open off screens, creating scoring opportunities for yourself.

Steady Shooter reduces penalties for contested shots but doesn’t provide as much of a bonus for open shots, making it helpful when facing tight defense.

Volume Shooter boosts your shooting as you take more shots in the game. It increases your chances of making shots, even if you miss a few along the way.

Range Extender: extends your shooting range for both mid-range and three-point shots, making you more effective from deep distances.

Pick & Popper improves your shooting accuracy when taking a shot after setting a screen, especially from far away.

Tireless Scorer reduces penalties for shooting when you’re tired, helping you maintain accuracy even when fatigued.

Best Playmaking Badges

In NBA 2K20, playmaking means helping your team, dribbling well, and finding ways to score. Playmaking in NBA 2K20 focuses on supporting your team, dribbling, and creating space.

Top 5 Playmaking Badges

Here are five top Badges that maximize these skills, perfect for online games where teamwork is key.

Floor General boosts your teammates’ offensive skills while you’re on the court. It gives them a bonus to their attributes, making them more effective on offense. At the highest level, it even lets you see your teammates’ chances of making shots. This badge is especially useful in online play, where it can give your team a significant advantage.

Space Creator helps your player make room from a defender, especially when doing step-back moves or shots. It makes it easier to create separation, improving your chances of scoring. With this badge, you can perform moves like snatch backs or hop jumpers to get more space for your shot or drive to the basket. It’s a useful tool for scoring points.

Unpluckable is essential for maintaining ball control, especially for players who rely on dribble moves to create scoring opportunities. With this badge, you can dribble confidently without worrying about constant steals from defenders. It’s a game-changer for playmakers who want to dominate the court and avoid turnovers.

Dimer boosts the shooting ability of teammates when they catch a pass and shoot. It increases the shot percentage for open teammates on jump shots in the half-court. This badge is very powerful, leading to guaranteed points when used effectively.

Quick First Step makes your first move quicker after catching the ball or dribbling. It helps you get past defenders easily, making it simple to drive to the basket or get open for a shot. This badge is very effective and can lead to easy points for your team.

List of Playmaking Badges

Flashy Passer boosts the Takeover meter for both the passer and the receiver after a flashy pass assist. It’s all about adding excitement and rewarding those flashy plays with extra Takeover progress for both players. This badge is awesome for players who like to show off cool passes and want to help their team score more points.

Ankle Breaker makes it easier to trick defenders with dribble moves, making them more likely to stumble or fall. It’s especially effective during step-backs or specific dribble combinations. With this badge, you can shake off defenders more effectively, opening up opportunities to score or pass.

Break Starter makes it easier for players to throw accurate long passes after grabbing a rebound. It improves the accuracy of outlet passes made after securing a defensive board. This badge is helpful for players who want to start fast breaks and transition quickly from defense to offense.

Bail Out makes it easier to pass after taking a shot or layup while still in the air. It reduces the chance of making mistakes, so you can keep the ball moving and avoid turnovers. This badge is a big help for players who want to make smart plays and keep the game moving smoothly.

Dream Shake makes it easier to fake out defenders in the post. It also improves your shooting after post moves or pump fakes. This badge is perfect for players who want to outsmart defenders and score effectively near the basket.

Downhill makes you faster on fast breaks by boosting your speed with the ball. It’s perfect for playmakers who want to speed up the game and score easily in transition.

Handles for Days helps players dribble for longer without getting tired. It reduces the stamina used during dribbling, so you can perform more moves without running out of energy quickly. This badge is perfect for guards who want to keep the ball in their hands and make plays without getting fatigued too soon.

Lob City Passer makes it easier to throw successful alley-oop passes in the game. When you attempt an alley-oop, both the passer and the receiver get a boost to their passing and finishing abilities, increasing the likelihood of completing the play successfully. This badge is great for players who love to execute the best builds and flashy alley-oops to add excitement to their gameplay.

Needle Threader improves your ability to make tough passes between defenders. When you activate this badge, it boosts your passing skills, making it easier to deliver accurate passes even in tight spaces. It increases the chances of successfully getting the ball through traffic without turning it over, allowing you to pass more consistently, especially when there’s a defender in the way.

Pass Fake Maestro improves your fake passes by making them faster and more convincing. With tighter movements, this badge enhances your ability to deceive defenders, making your pass fakes more effective for creating scoring opportunities.

Post Spin Technician makes your post spins and drives more effective by improving their success rate. With this badge, you’re less likely to lose the ball when attempting post moves, giving you better chances to score in the paint.

Stop & Go lets you stop and go quickly while dribbling, enhancing your ability to change directions. It also gives you unique animations for stops and launches, exclusive to this badge. With Stop & Go, you can confuse defenders and maintain control of the ball with sudden changes of pace and direction.

Tight Handles makes it easier to dribble past defenders one-on-one. It improves your ball control during size-up moves, helping you create scoring chances. Many guards prefer Tight Handles over the Ankle Breaker badge for causing ankle breakers. With Tight Handles, you can use special animations to trick defenders and get open shots.

Best Defending/ Rebounding Badges

They aid in blocking shots, disrupting offenses, and securing rebounds, increasing your team’s chances of winning.

Top 5 Defending Badges

These top five badges are designed to prevent playmakers and shooters from dominating the game.

Intimidator is the standout Defensive/Rebounding badge in NBA 2K20, significantly boosting your shot-contesting ability against opponents. Whether you’re a guard or a big man, this badge is crucial for disrupting your opponents’ scoring attempts.

Tireless Defender aids players in maintaining defensive aggression without tiring quickly, reducing energy consumption during defensive plays, allowing defenders to sustain their intensity.

Brick Wall assists players in setting better screens, making it tougher for defenders to maneuver around them. When opponents collide with the screen, they deplete more energy, giving your team an edge.

Pick Dodger facilitates players in navigating around screens while defending, aiding in avoiding getting stuck on screens and disrupting the offense more efficiently.

Rebound Chaser eases players’ ability to secure rebounds from a distance, enhancing their contributions to their team’s rebounding efforts.

List Of Defending Badges

Heart Crusher decreases an opponent’s Takeover meter after significant defensive plays like blocks or steals, penalizing them further following a successful block or steal. Interceptor significantly improves your ability to tip or intercept passes, particularly in passing lanes, making it easier to steal the ball from opponents.

Box Badge improves players’ ability to box out opponents and grab rebounds by enhancing their positioning and strength against opponents. It’s especially valuable for big men and rebounding specialists looking to control the boards and limit opponents’ opportunities.

Chase Down Artist This badge enhances a player’s capability to chase down opponents and block their shots from behind, especially beneficial for defensive-minded players aiming to make key defensive plays on fast breaks.

Defensive Leader boosts your teammates’ defense and provides insight into opponents’ shooting tendencies. It amplifies the defense of you or your highest-badge-level teammate and indicates the likelihood of opponents scoring.

Lightning Reflexes allow defenders to anticipate the ball handler’s movements in the Read & React system, giving them an early cue to react defensively.

Moving Truck enhances a player’s effectiveness in pushing opponents out of the post while defending, aiding in moving opponents around, especially against strong players trying to score inside.

Off-Ball Pest makes it challenging for opponents to get past players when they’re not dribbling, assisting players in maintaining their defensive matchups, making it harder for opponents to shake them off.

Pick Pocket increases the likelihood of stealing the ball from a ball handler and minimizes the risk of fouls during strip attempts. It also enhances the chances of successful strips during layup tries, improving a player’s defensive stealing ability.

Pogo Stick allows players to quickly jump again after landing, beneficial for shot-blockers and rebounders to contest shots consecutively.

Post Move Lockdow enhances a player’s defense against post moves, making it challenging for opponents to execute offensive post plays. It improves the defender’s positioning and shot-contesting in the post, diminishing the effectiveness of back-to-the-basket plays.

Rim Protector: facilitates blocking shots near the basket with special animations and a Takeover meter boost for the blocker and their teammates after a block.

Heart Crusher diminishes the opponent’s Takeover meter after successful defensive plays, such as blocks or steals, hindering their ability to dominate the game.

Trapper assists defenders in forcing turnovers and steals when trapping opponents, heightening defensive pressure and increasing the likelihood of creating turnovers.

Worm is crucial as it aids players in escaping box-outs more easily, improving their chances of securing rebounds, essential for maintaining possession and winning games.

Final Verdict On NBA 2K20 Badges Guide

Selecting the best badges is vital for improving your player’s skills in different areas of the game. Whether you want to excel at scoring, shooting, passing, or defense, badges can give you a big boost. Badges like Slithery Finisher, Range Extender, Floor General, and Clamps each have their own special effects that make your player better. So, if you’re into dunking, shooting threes, passing, or playing tough defense, there’s a badge that can help you. By picking the right badges, you can make your player really shine and win more games.

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