List of All New NBA 2K20 Evolution Cards and Requirements

Welcome to NBA 2K20 MyTEAM Evolution Cards! It’s a way to customize your players just how you like them. These cards add depth to MyTEAM by giving you small tasks to do and makes your card collection even better. Starting with your Starter Card, you’ll learn about Evolution early on. But there are lots of Evolution Cards in the game which gives you a number of choices to build up your team. More than that, getting Evolution Cards is easy and you’ll earn them as rewards from different MyTEAM modes. And now, there’s even more excitement with the new NBA 2K20 Evo Super Packs! So, what are these cards, who’s in the new pack, and how can you use them to upgrade your team? Let’s find out together!

NBA 2K20 Evolution Cards

Unlocking NBA 2K20 Evolution Cards

Evolution Cards in NBA 2K20 are like special cards you can earn. They can get better as you play and complete specific goals. Each card has its own goals to meet. As you reach these goals, the card gets stronger, with better stats and badges. It’s like watching your player become a superstar in front of eyes!

Unlocking New Players

In the latest NBA 2K20 update, there are 12 new Evo Cards to collect. Top NBA Players of all time like Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, and others are waiting for you to unlock them. But how exactly can you make it happen? Well, each card has its own list of things you need to do. You can see what they are in the CARD EVOLUTION menu on the MyTEAM tab. Just keep playing, keep evolving, and soon you’ll see your team rise to champion status! Check out how to Unlock Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K20.

Evo cards Player
PlayerCard TypeRequirements
Ray AllenGalaxy Opal50 points in one game
Stacey AugmonGalaxy Opal100 dunks, assists, three-pointers, 25 rebounds
Elton BrandGalaxy Opal200 three-pointers
Kobe BryantPink Diamond40 points in eight games
Kobe BryantGalaxy Opal50 points in 24 games
Kevin DurantGalaxy Opal250 post points
Anthony EdwardsGalaxy Opal15 three-pointers in a single game
Walt FrazierGalaxy Opal100 steals, 25 double-doubles, 500 points
Rajon RondoGalaxy Opal10 triple-doubles, 400 assists, 50 layups
Jalen RoseGalaxy Opal100 steals, 200 three-pointers, 30 rebounds
Brandon Roy50 points in one game
Arvydas SabonisGalaxy Opal50 points in one game
Bill WaltonGalaxy Opal100 three-pointers, 10 triple-doubles
Evo Cards Players

These cards can be improved over time by meeting certain goals in the game. It takes a lot of effort and time to upgrade these cards in NBA 2K20. Below is a list of the new Evo Cards and what players need to do to make them better.

Top New Evo Cards to look out 

Now that you’re familiar with the new Evo Cards and how to upgrade them, here are two sports picks to enhance our team:

Bill Walton: He was already good, but now he’s even better. If you upgrade him, he’ll be really strong in the game.

Kobe Bryant: Even though it might be hard to make him better at dunking, it’s worth it. He’s a great shooter, so having him on your team is a tribute to his basketball skills.

Disappointing New Evo Cards

These two Evo cards are not worth the effort to upgrade because they don’t provide a significant stat boost.

Kevin Durant and Anthony Edwards are both basketball players in NBA 2K20. They have special Evo cards that can be upgraded by playing the game. However, some players may find these cards disappointing because the improvement in their skills isn’t significant enough to justify the time and effort required to evolve them.

Kevin Durant:

  • Known for his scoring ability and versatility on the court.
  • Despite being a highly skilled player, his Evo card disappointing some players because the stat boosts from evolving his card may not be enough to improve their team or gameplay experience

Anthony Edwards:

  • A rising star in the NBA with a lot of potential.
  • While his Evo card offers the opportunity for upgrades, some players may feel that the resulting stat boosts are not enough to justify the time and effort required to evolve his card.

How to Use the Evolution Card in NBA 2K20 MyTeam?

Here are some details on using Evolution Cards in NBA 2K20 MyTeam in simpler language:

  • Location: Go to the MyTeam section in the game.
  • Finding Evolution: Look for the Card Evolution option.
  • Requirements: Check what you need to do to evolve a card.
  • Improvements: See how the card’s stats will get better.
  • Evolving: When you meet the requirements, evolve the card.
  • New Goals: After evolving, you’ll have new goals to upgrade further.
  • Upgrade Process: NBA 2K20 Evolution Cards can get better by meeting specific goals, like scoring points or getting blocks.
  • Multiple Upgrades: Some cards can be upgraded more than once, but it depends on the card.

Final Verdict On NBA 2K20 Evolution Card

In NBA 2K20, there are new special cards called Evo Cards that players can get by playing MyTeam mode. Evolution Cards are special because they can upgrade over time based on specific in-game achievements. They can change color, stats, and even earn badges based on what you do in games. Just go to the Card Evolution menu in My Team to see what goals you need to reach. Keep playing, reach those goals, and see your cards evolve into superstars! With Evolution Cards, the journey to building the ultimate roster becomes even more engaging and rewarding.

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