Play like Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K20:

Every sports lover wants to act as one of the all-time NBA greatest players. Finally, here’s something incredible for basketball fans: your dreams of playing like the legendary Kobe Bryant are now a reality on the court. Now players will be able to experience the game just like he did and giving vibes of his amazing talent. No matter if you’re gaming on a PlayStation or Xbox, you will get the chance to experience the amazing gameplay features and style of shooting like Kobe on the basketball court.

Play like kobe bryant

To show respect for a basketball legend, players replicate his signature moves and accept challenges in his honor. It’s not just about winning games and scoring points; it’s all about keeping his legacy alive in sports history for fans. Let’s have fun by making some awesome basketball moves together! That’s how players can pay tribute to Kobe’s unforgettable career and feel the excitement of playing as one of the greatest basketball players of all time. So, get ready to shoot and play like Kobe Bryant in NBA 2K20.

How to Play Like Kobe Bryant In NBA 2K20:

NBA 2K20 paid tribute to Kobe Bryant after his passing in different manner just to keep live his memories in basketball history.

Select Classic NBA Teams:

You can also play with classic Lakers teams in NBA 2K20 APK. When you start a game mode like Play Now, just pick the Los Angeles Lakers as your team. One option is the ’00-’01 Lakers with Kobe Bryant rated 96. Another choice is the ’03-’04 team, which has the “Black Mamba” edition of Kobe rated 94. Both teams offer a chance to play with Kobe in different seasons of his career. This puts you in a position to play like Kobe Bryant. Just focus on the Lakers logo when you’re choosing your team, and you’ll be ready to hit the court with Kobe in no time!.

Finding the Rosters:

To find the roster featuring Kobe Bryant, you have to utilize your controller buttons (L1/R1 on PS4, LB/RB on Xbox) to navigate through the different team variations until you locate the one showcasing Kobe. Keep pressing the designated buttons until you see Kobe’s name or image associated with the team, indicating that you’ve selected the roster featuring him. This method allows you to explore various team options quickly and efficiently until you land on the one that includes Kobe Bryant.

Exploring Kobe Bryant:

NBA 2K20 gives you lots of play like Kobe Bryant options to try. You can play with his current rating alongside big names like Shaquille O’Neal and Magic Johnson. Plus, you can pick classic teams from different times in Kobe’s career. This means you get to see Kobe in action from his early days to his best years. Whether you like playing with Lakers legends or reliving Kobe’s best seasons, NBA 2K20 has something for everyone.

Getting Special Kobe Cards:

In NBA 2K20’s MyTeam mode, unlocking special Kobe Bryant cards adds an exciting dimension to your gameplay. Complete challenges or trade to unlock unique Kobe Bryant cards in NBA 2K20’s. These cards have cool features and skills that make them unique. So, complete challenges and trades to get your hands on these awesome Kobe cards and add them to your collection!

Experience MyLeague Mode:

In NBA 2K20’s MyLeague mode, you can connect with Kobe Bryant by customizing your own league experiences. You can trade him, or even recreate his amazing career moments. It’s like bringing Kobe into your basketball universe where you get to decide how he fits into your team’s journey. This feature lets you create your own strong team and helps you become the best in the game.

Current NBA Teams:

The basketball teams remember and respect Kobe Bryant in different ways. Some teams wear special uniforms or have courts that remind us of Kobe. Players also show their love by wearing his special shoes or playing like Kobe. It’s a powerful lineup that promises exciting gameplay for fans of the Lakers or anyone who wants to play as Kobe Bryant in the game.

Enjoy WNBA mode:

In WNBA mode, players can feel Kobe Bryant’s love for women’s basketball. You play as players he admired, like Candace Parker. It’s a way to enjoy the WNBA and remember Kobe’s support for women in sports.

Paying Tribute to Kobe in NBA 2K20:

Since Kobe’s tragic passing, NBA 2K20 has honored his legacy in various ways:

In-Game Tribute

There’s a special tribute to Kobe Bryant called the “In-Game Tribute.” It’s a way the game honors Kobe for his remarkable memories and his contributions to basketball. When you start playing, you’ll see this tribute, which might include things like a memorial banner or messages dedicated to Kobe. It’s a respectful gesture by the game developers to remember Kobe and show how much he meant to the basketball community. It’s a nice moment to think about Kobe and how much he meant to the sport.

Kobe Bryant Challenges

The Kobe Bryant Challenges are like special missions you can do in the game’s MyTeam mode. They’re all about Kobe’s amazing career moments. By finishing these challenges, you can win rewards and unlock cool features related to Kobe, just like special player cards. It’s a fun way to remember Kobe’s greatness and how he made basketball history.

Galaxy Opal Kobe

It’s a unique feature in 2K20 MyTEAM mode. It’s a special card dedicated to Kobe Bryant and one of the best in the NBA game. To get this card, players need to complete certain challenges or tasks within the game. It’s a special way for players to pay tribute to Kobe’s legacy and enjoy his skills within the game.

Unlocking the Galaxy Opal Kobe Card:

To obtain the coveted Galaxy Opal Kobe Bryant card, follow these steps:

  • Complete Initial Spotlight Sim Challenges: Finish the Spotlight Sim challenges and Historic Sim challenges to unlock Diamond and Galaxy Opal cards.
  • Kobe Bryant Career Spotlight Series Challenges: Use the Pink Diamond version of Kobe to complete special challenges and earn tokens.
  • New Historic Spotlight Sim Challenges: Complete additional Historic Challenges to unlock rewards like the Galaxy Opal Hakeem Olajuwon and ultimately the GO Kobe.

Final Verdict On Kobe Bryant:

So, now you know how to play like Kobe Bryant, the basketball legend. When you hit the court, remember it’s not just about copying his moves but also his attitude. Playing as Kobe is about honoring his memory and giving your all every time you play. The NBA provides opportunities for players to shine and inspire others, just like Kobe Bryant did. As you play NBA 2K20, remember Kobe’s lessons of dream big, work hard, and never give up.

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